Employee Benefits

It is critical to consider the complete continuum of employee benefits to ensure an efficiently designed, dynamic total rewards system which aligns the employer’s objectives with employees’ needs. Typically, employee benefit schemes focus on providing employees with a company retirement fund and basic insurance and healthcare benefits. These programmes are often designed in a fragmented manner and have not been recently tested for continued relevance.

Our holistic approach to designing, reviewing and continuously monitoring the employee benefits programme will ensure that the most optimal solutions are integrated to achieve the much sought after goal congruency between employee and employer.

Our clients in this arena include pension and provident funds, sponsoring employers and group retirement schemes.

Services include:

• Retirement fund consulting
• Financial awareness training and education
• Trustee training and education
• Group insurance brokering and consulting
• Asset consulting
• Professional principal officer appointments
• Independent Trustee appointments
• Alternative investment strategies
• Benefit structure consulting
• Liquidations